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"Trident Baseball School is an organization that will best equip young athletes to reach their potential both on and off the field. As a professional athlete today, I find it rare for teams to prioritize personal development the way Trident does. Knowing Coach Rigby personally for many years, I can confidently say that Trident athletes are in the best hands and will learn to play the game at a high level in a Christlike atmosphere."

- Taylor bloye -
Pitcher - Kansas City Royals Organization

"I had the privilege to work with Coach Perry Rigby as his assistant coach for a 16-year old summer team in Atlanta, Georgia.  Coach Rigby stood out as an outstanding baseball mind.  I was continually impressed by his knowledge of the game. From the preparation required before games, designing a lineup, and in-game decisions. Coach Rigby was always  prepared and gave his team the best chance of being successful.  As a result of the entire season, I saw individuals grow and become better baseball players through his guidance as the season progressed.  An honest evaluation of the team from the beginning to the end of the season revealed players who had improved in every facet of the game.  Finally, Coach Rigby demonstrated a Christ-centered approach to coaching baseball.  This focused cornerstone allowed him to be the leader and coach that young men need in order to help develop their character and allow them to learn greater life lessons from the game of baseball." 


"We met Coach Rigs 3 years ago during my son’s 12u Cooperstown year.  If I could show you where he started at to where he is today would amaze most.  He encouraged my son to believe in himself and instilled in him a strong work ethic that will take him places once he retires his cleats.  Teaching the how’s and why’s of the sport is important for the growth of any player, but Coach Rigs extends it past the field.  He proved to be the coach we wanted our teenager to learn the game from and the man to look up to.  And had he not moved across the country, my son would still be playing for him.  We will forever be grateful for his investment into our son."

- Shane & Jackie Whittemore -
Marietta, Georgia 

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